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Adult Driver Education Texas

  • Approved (#C2636) for adults 18-24
  • Beneficial for adults 25+ with expired license
  • Flash based interactive course that's fun!
  • Bonus video takes you through a DPS road test!
  • Take the Texas drivers license written test online
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Texas adult drivers education

Texas Adult Drivers Education

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Get your Texas drivers license online with our six hour Texas adult drivers education course. Approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA #C2636) for adults 18-24. The course features six hours of online interactive training that is rich in audio, video and animation that teaches you everything you need to know about driving in Texas.

Training modules (chapters) are short with practice review questions at the end to effectively measure how well the student is retaining information. Review modules and use the practice tests as often as you need.

At the end of the course there is a final exam. Questions are based entirely upon the material in the course. It is the DPS written test, taken online. Once you pass the final DPS exam in our course, we send your Certificate of Completion (this is very important, you will need it at the DPS office!). There are options for certificate shipping, including overnight delivery if you are in a hurry.

Bonus video - this is what everyone is talking about because it's exclusive to our Adult drivers ed course! In the bonus DPS road test video, we interview a retired DPS Officer who conducted road tests for the DPS for most of his career. He takes the student through an actual road test to illustrate what DPS Testers are looking for and provide insightful tips that will give you the confidence needed to pass the road test. Our students love the video and we know you will to!

Our goal is to see you pass the test, receive your certificate and get your Texas drivers license. Your success is our success. You're in good hands!

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Questions and Answers

You will receive a state controlled certificate (ADE-1317) that must be presented to the DPS office. At that time, you can schedule your road test with the DPS office. If you are not ready to take the road test, the Texas Department of Public Safety will issue a Texas learners permit so you can legally practice driving with another licensed adult driver, until you are ready to take the road test. Once you pass the road test, the DPS will issue your Texas drivers license.

Well, yes! If this is your first time to receive a drivers license, you will have to take the road test at the DPS. Here's where we can help: to give our students a better understanding of what the DPS road test is like, we worked with a retired DPS Officer to create a bonus video that demonstrates what the exact road test is like. In this video, the retired DPS officer covers what the road test officer is looking for, tips on how to prepare and an actual demonstration of how the road test is conducted. This bonus video is exclusive to our Texas Adult driver education course!

Absolutely not! Our adult driver education course is setup so that the student can login and out of the course as your time permits. Each time you log out of the course it remembers exactly where you left off. When you log back into the course, it will begin where you last left off. Complete the course at your own pace at your own schedule.

No, the final exam in our course is the DPS written exam. Our course is approved by the Texas Education Agency and this approval allows us to administer the DPS written test through our course. The certificate you receive when completing the course is proof that 1) you have completed a state approved Texas Adult Drivers Ed course and 2) that you have passed the DPS written exam. You will not have to take it again at the DPS office.

No, not at all! There are some courses being offered that are really not much more than an online manual. Our course uses interactive multimedia to engage the student with audio, video, text and animations. Modules are short and easy to follow. Each page is professionally narrated.

Good question and an important one. This is important because not all courses are the same. Quite a few of the online adult driver education courses require their students print off a form, get it notarized (an extra fee) then you have to send it back to them via UPS or Fedex (yet another fee!). What makes that process even worse is, they don't tell you about this hassle or mention the extra costs.

Our course is different! We have online verification in our course. The State of Texas requires every adult between the ages of 18 and 24 who are enrolling in Texas Adult Drivers Ed course to be verified. Many of the other course providers require their students to manually do this. We use an online verification service to make it simple and easy for our students!

In the online course, there is module that has a list of the documents you will need to take to the DPS office when applying for your drivers license or learners permit. Make sure to follow those instructions. The Texas Department of Public Safety is there to assist you, but if you do not have the documents they require, they will send you back home to get them!

Students have up to three attempts to pass the final test in our course. Really, the material is so engaging and effective that most students pass on the first try. Should that not happen though, you have two more attempts and you can go back and review the material and use the practice DPS tests until you feel comfortable in taking the final exam again.

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